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A world where everyone can thrive.

Our Vision

The Thriving Organizations Research Collective (TORC) at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management exists to help build towards a future where all employees have the ability to thrive at work.

Every day, our team strives toward that goal by working on the development of a strong network of researchers, external experts, and industry leaders who will deliver a new wave of high-quality research on thriving organizations and workers.

But the work doesn’t stop with research. What sets TORC apart is a commitment to bridging the gap between science and practice by ensuring that the ideas produced in our research are embodied in organizations across Canada. This is accomplished by creating a mutual excitement around research – a process that begins with including organizational leaders as partners throughout the research process.

What is a Thriving Organization?

Thriving organizations are created through the pursuit of four core pillars:

employee presenting a project
They create opportunities for employees’ involvement and engagement through meaningful work.
Lady holding a tablet
They protect and maintain their employees’ physical health and psychological well-being.
Two employee doing a fist bump
They embrace authentic inclusion and promote social belonging amongst all employees.
Employees doing meeting
They treat their employees as human beings, with respect and fairness.

Our purpose is to help organizations understand these pillars, as well as appreciate the practices that cultivate them, in a unique context that blends real-world practicality and scientific rigour.

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